National Transplant Flight Group
The Team

Time Critical Air Transport for transplant teams, organs & patients

The National Transplant Flight Group was formed to provide specialized service that facilitates the fastest and most reliable transportation of organ retrieval teams, recipients, organs and other support staff. Continued growth in the medical transplant field has created greater demand for air services to assist the medical community. To meet this demand, FirstFlight and MedEscort, International joined forces to provide a service that responds to the needs of the medical community. Both companies have over 25 years of experience in their respective fields. We believe our combined credentials are well-suited to the mission – facilitating transportation of medical teams and patients to save lives.

Learn more about the partners:
Medescort website
FirstFlight website

National Transplant Flight Group is the only call you need to make to handle your air and ground transportation requirements.

  • Transportation for patients, organ retrieval teams, organs and associated support staff
  • The logistics of transportation are taken care of by a team of coordinators, experienced in transporting patients and medical teams at a moment’s notice
  • 24/7/365